Netflix has announced plans to bring Martin Scorsese's newest film The Irishman to theaters, opting for Broadway's Belasco Theatre as one of several New York showings rather than taking the long-awaited gangster epic to theater chains. The film received largely positive reviews when it premiered with introductions made by Scorsese and the cast on September 27 at the New York Film Festival.

The Irishman will open on November 1 and run through the month until December 1. Showings will be 3.5 hours long without intermissions and take place eight times a week from Tuesday to Saturday nights with matinees on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The film will also be available for streaming later in the month on November 27.

Previously, Scorsese had shared that Netflix was the only company willing to fund the movie, which reached a $200 million budget. Even now, Netflix has been receiving resistance from national and regional theater chains on showing the film due to their adherence to the 90-day exclusive window, which refers to the amount of time a movie appears exclusively in theaters before becoming available on streaming services.

“We’ve lost so many wonderful theaters in New York City in recent years, including single-house theaters like the Ziegfeld and the Paris,” Scorsese said in an IndieWire article. “The opportunity to recreate that singular experience at the historic Belasco Theatre is incredibly exciting." The Belasco Theatre has hosted award-winning productions including the 'Network,' and may set the stage for 'The Irishman' in receiving multiple nominations at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Expect the tickets to go on sale in the coming month, valued at $15 plus processing fees.

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