Netsky Tequila Limonada a.chal
Photo courtesy of Netsky

Belgian producer Netsky is a beat making machine that churns out songs that are guaranteed to make your body quiver with excitement. Last month, he tapped Peruvian singer-songwriter A.CHAL for his song of summer contender “Téquila Limonada.” The bilingual bop radiates with the golden energy that can only be found on the west coast. Today, we’re exclusively premiering the accompanying visual for the single which transports the artists to a sun-soaked pool party where the living is easy. Netsky elaborated on the concept for the video in an email to Highsnobiety.

“I wanted the video for this track to represent simple, happy times; friends, drinks, summer parties. It started off with the director, my friend Diego and his team, finding this incredible mid-century Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills and it all came together quite quickly from there. We invited a bunch of friends to come and have a party with us and filmed it! Gotta shout out A.CHAL for his amazing performance. Such a star. And I got to fulfill one of my dreams of playing an old vintage drum-kit in a music video.”

“Téquila Limonada” is the lead single off Netsky’s forthcoming album Palmtrees & Powerlines due out on Republic Records and Casablanca Records. Watch the full music video below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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