The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent. Below you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month, from an Indonesian brand pioneering grungy-tropic graphics to a skatewear brand born in Bordeaux. Get to know these brands before they’re massive.

If your label wants to be considered for future posts then, by all means, get in touch. Meanwhile, for more undiscovered talent, check out the rest of our Under the Radar series.

RAVE Skateboards

From: Bordeaux, France

In a Nutshell: Sleepy Bourdeaux has long been one of France’s undercover skateboarding capitals. Now, Bourdeaux’s booming skate scene finally has its own agenda-setting skatewear brand, too. RAVE Skateboards re-works all the quintessential streetwear staples with some punchy graphic treatment, and the rising brand takes a strong position on quality too by embroidering and manufacturing all its products in France.

Key Pieces: The reflective white hoodie featuring the brand’s logo is club ready, and the waist-bag offers equal parts utility and roadman steez.

AJO Studio

From: Seoul, Korea

In a Nutshell: This Korean brand is further proof why the country is producing some of the most exciting, young fashion talents out there. AJO’s latest effort is a circus of outlandish staples in ballooned proportions, all rendered in a vibrant color palette.

Key Pieces: Everything, however, the gloriously oversized striped anorak and the XXL polo shirt is the perfect foundation if you’re in the mood for some statement-making layering.


From: Los Angeles, CA

In a Nutshell: This rising LA brand shies away from statement excess, instead focusing on crafting pieces with timeless appeal.

Key Pieces: The burgundy bomber is essential for some simply refined steez, the military parka featuring DIY details is standout, and the mohair blend cardigan is perhaps one of the most underrated wardrobe staples ever.

BWC Garments

From: Philadelphia, PA

In a Nutshell: This Philly menswear brand manages to strike a delicate fusion between functional, considered design, and off-center graphic treatment.

Key Pieces: The hooded forest green pullover made from middleweight cobble corduroy, and the washed denim button-up featuring a subtle mandarin collar, is the exactly the type of elevated, versatile staple you should be investing in.

Conflict of Ego

From: London, UK

In a Nutshell: This brand might take a genderless approach to fashion but it shies away from the banal minimal uniform that’s come to typify androgynous ‘fits as of late. In fact, the brand’s latest feat amps up the palette and includes plenty of decorative frills, such as embroidery and a pretty overzealous approach to layering, too.

Key Pieces: The barcode emblazoned silk shirt, zip-up knitwear with a flash of orange, and the sleek anorak featuring a killer ruffled edge.


From: Jakarta, Indonesia

In a Nutshell: This rising Indonesian brand has already courted collaborations with Australian brand BOW3RY, and its solo output looks to be a solid offering. The brand remixes ancient Indonesian references with contemporary graphics, and the result is its very own grunge-laced signature. If you’re looking for some off-kilter aesthetics, and want to support emerging talent in far corners of the globe, be sure to keep them on your radar.

Key Pieces: Every single T-shirt featured above is utter fire.


From: Toronto, Canada

In a Nutshell: This Canadian brand takes an avant-garde approach to solid staples, crafting quality essentials with fabric from Japan, and the result is a diverse selection of everyday pieces with endless versatility.

Key Pieces: The wide-leg “coupling pant” featured in two colorways is standout, and thankfully, the brand’s latest lookbook highlights the statement versatility of their pieces.

Mod One

From: Copenhagen, Denmark

In a Nutshell: Unsurprisingly, Mod One takes its inspiration from Mod, the distinctive British subculture known for its ever-evolving style cachet. The Danish brand takes a resolutely committed position to sourcing quality materials too. Result? A desirable collection of contemporary classics.

Key Pieces: The fauna print camp shirt and cropped heavy-duty jacket could be definitely be considered season essentials.

Paul & Yakov Moscow

From: Moscow, Russia

In a Nutshell: This Moscow-based brand is helmed by two brothers, and every collection they deliver is the exhaustive result of some serious research, especially when it comes to sourcing quality materials and techniques. Why? This brand is ready to show the world that youth-centric Russian fashion isn’t all just retro sportswear and bygone aesthetics.

Key Pieces: The fledgling Russian label has clearly perfected outerwear, and the Japanese stonewashed cotton parka and structured military coats are truly sublime.

Preston Douglas

From: Houston, Texas

In a Nutshell: This self-starting young designer might be only three collections deep, but his inventive approach to avant-garde staples is beyond this level of experience. His latest effort features plenty of zany visuals, and a slew of bondage accessories, while the palette takes a more narrow focus with a dominant blue.

Key Pieces: The powder blue power suit is tailored perfection and the overblown, crisp white shirt cuts the perfect shape.

Words by Kam Dhillon