Nike is pivoting its resources to help those at the frontline of the Coronavirus crisis. The brand is manufacturing face shields and other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses, using materials such as Nike Air soles.

The Swoosh is working closely with health professionals at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to reproduce needed equipment with Nike-owned materials. Nike's innovation, manufacturing, and product teams have come together to develop full-face shields and powered, air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses, which will protect healthcare workers against Covid-19.

In the design, Nike crucially transformed elements of the brand's footwear and apparel into much-needed PPE. Notably, Nike's signature Air soles are reimagined for PAPR helmets. Meanwhile, collar padding once destined for shoes and cords originally earmarked for apparel have also been repurposed.

"Nike’s generous response to the Covid-19 crisis helps to instill an added layer of confidence and support for healthcare workers, that we can safely carry out the jobs we were born to do," explained Miko Enomoto, M.D., an associate professor at OHSU.

Its first shipment of donated full-face shields and PAPR lenses were delivered to OHSU on Friday, April 3, 2020. Additional PAPR lenses and full-face shields will be provided to health systems across the state of Oregon, where Nike’s World Headquarters is situated.

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