noah slee otherlands premiere
Noah Slee / Robert Rieger

Berlin-based artist Noah Slee continues to reap acclaim for last year’s debut album, Otherland. Now, he has unveiled an expansive short film to accompany the project titled …and so, we move to Otherlands, which Noah added in an email to Highsnobiety is “a prayer of thanks to the healing remedy of dance.” Watch it below.

The film contains vignettes that span four countries of origin and ten tracks from Slee’s album, resulting in a vast, immersive take on the record. In particular, the short film finds a thematic through line highlighting the challenge of integration for women and the LGBT community who often face opposition in a hostile world, all of it told in a transcendent celebration of choreography.

Revisit Noah Slee’s Otherland album below via Spotify.

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