The mule craze is at an all-time high right now, with members of our team even adopting the "Mule Boys" name in celebration of the style. But with everyone looking to get their hands on a pair of suede or leather clogs these days—especially in an age when laces feel frivolous for, like, walks to the mailbox— getting a perfect pair can be difficult. The OGs at Birkenstock can't even keep their Bostons in stock long enough to satisfy hungry customers, while brands across the board from Louis Vuitton to J.W. Anderson have offered up their luxurious takes on the styles to capitalize on the trend.

But there may be no better pair on the market right now than this option from Officine Creative, the Italian shoemakers that have been in the game of quality footwear since 1968. Their option takes the classic silhouette and adds a jagged outsole for a subtle variation, while retaining the overall shape and styling that millions have grown to love throughout the years and that you can enjoy for years to come. Best part is, they're available for 20% off right now via SSENSE.

I'll keep it real with you: Because I am a man of my word, I'm letting you know that I already procured my pair of these after being so taken aback by their perfection. That gray suede is something you won't find anywhere else, while they've gone a step further in paring down the style by removing any hardware on the upper, instead opting for a gray suede strap and loop. And that suede? It's not only the sole fabric used on the upper, but it's also on the heel portion of the footbed, meaning these will be cozy as can be fresh out of the box.

Agora 4 Sandals


Officine Creative

Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

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