You know we're in dark times when a cookie company builds a doomsday vault ... which is exactly what Oreo has done to protect its famous recipe at the end of days.

The stunt is a response to the “Election Day asteroid” scheduled to pass near Earth on November 2, CNET reports. While the asteroid poses no danger to Earth, Oreo has leveraged the marketing opportunity.

The cookie company made the announcement with a quirky promotional trailer. The mockumentary-style video follows Markus Thorland, a Norwegian architect, who must design and build the vault in 30 days modeled on the ultra-secure Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Orea says that the vault is “really real” and explained that the idea came from someone tweeting at the brand asking who would save the Oreos in the event of an asteroid impact. Now a large stockpile of biscuits along with the original Oreo recipe is stored there in case of an apocalypse.

Not only that but the boxes of Oreo cookies are also stored in mylar which can withstand temperatures of -80 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and locks out moisture and air. So, if doomsday really were to come, you can rest assured that your favorite cookies will be safe.

Watch the promotional video for Oreo's vault below.

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