Hulu's 'Big Time Adolescence'

Hulu‘s new movie, Big Time Adolescence, has finally landed on Hulu. In the film, Pete Davidson plays the role of a drug-dealing college dropout and, judging by all the recent tweets, fans are loving his performance.

Big Time Adolescence narrates the story of 16-year-old Monroe (played by Griffin Gluck) and his best friend Zeke (Davidson). Other actors include Machine Gun Kelly, Sydney Sweeney, and Emily Arlook. Produced by American High and written by Jason Orley, the movie first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January 2019.

Davidson’s role as Zeke, in particular, seems to have delighted viewers, who are calling it a “breakout performance” and are resonating with the troubled character. Some are even calling it “the movie of the year.” All in all, it looks like the movie is worth watching.

Check out the trailer below, then scroll for some of the best reactions.

Pete Davidson was great

Griffin Gluck and Machine Gun Kelly were good, too

“We don’t cry in this house, we do drugs in this house.”