Pharrell Williams and nightclub mogul David Grutman are accepting bookings for their Goodtime Hotel at Miami Beach. Navigating the 266-room waterfront establishment "is like being in a Wes Anderson film" explains Williams.

"It's good vibes, good energy, good karma, good food, good music, good environment, good vibration,” Williams told Vogue. "Come there one way, and then you leave vibrating. We call it spiritual Wi-Fi.”

The Hotel is located on the somewhat overlooked Washington Avenue in Miami’s South Beach. “In a weird way, the area kind of reminds me a little bit of Williamsburg, before Williamsburg became Williamsburg,” notes developer, Eric Birnbaum. "Places that were amazing at one time always have a great chance of being amazing again, because there's something about the energy of that latitude and longitude where The Goodtime is located that just works.”

Boasting a third-floor pool deck, lobby lounge, eatery, outdoor workout area, recording studio, and 45,000 sq. feet of retail space, the highly anticipated hotel is positioned to be a must-stay location when events such as Art Basel resume.

The seven-story structure features white columns and a glass-topped breezeway decorated with greenery by landscape architect Raymond Jungles. Inside, interior designer Ken Fulk brings his signature ornate touch. “I think when you see all of the spaces together, there's something that feels as if it could be from the 19th century, mixed with mid-century Dolce Vita, mixed with a dose of 1980s optimism,” Fulk says.

The hotel opens its doors in April, with rooms starting at $260 per night. Book your own suite here.

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