Pieces Uniques by Edmond Luu, Photographer : William Bibet
Pièces Uniques

Brand: Pièces Uniques

Season: Fall/Winter 19/20

Key Pieces: The long coat, coming with a working lock feature and futuristic military silhouette, alongside the transparent puffer jacket.

Release Date: Available now

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Editor’s Notes: Paris-based Pièces Uniques recently released its Fall/Winter 19/20 collection, and it’s a brave show of monochrome might. Titled “MOON & SUN”, the collection takes clear inspiration from military uniform. Suitcase locks and metal details have been worked into the garments, from long trench coats to “commander” pants, creating an armor-like aesthetic.

Coming strictly in black and white, the brand’s new collection features a range of utilitarian products, from this jacket with leather cross-chest belt and lock system, to this active wear top . The elastic “2nd skin” tee, like the rest of the collection, has been envisioned to work as “an armor in which to brace the everyday reality.”

Shop some of our favorite pieces from the new collection below.

Leather Jacket

Pieces Uniques


Commander Jacket

Pieces Uniques


Commander Pants

Pieces Uniques


Long Coat

Pieces Uniques


Transparent Puffy Jacket

Pieces Uniques


Bomber Jacket

Pieces Uniques


Track Jacket

Pieces Uniques


Icon T-Shirt

Pieces Uniques