Dutch typographer and artist, Pieter Ceizer, has linked up with Parisian, Atelier Figura/Sfondo, to create a very limited edition, bilingual lamp. Ceizer runs an independent clothing brand and has previously collaborated with the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, Paris Saint-Germain and colette among others.

Atelier Figura/Sfondo has brought its design poetics to this hyped object; hand-made from oak wood and plexiglass, the lamp comes in a wooden, laser-engraved box. Each panel features Ceizer’s signature smiley face; you can make out the word, “YES,” on one panel, and “OUI” on the other.

And if it's a “oui” on this stylish bed-side addition, you'll need to be quick as it is an edition of only 10 pieces. Now available now for $338 at Ceizer’s webstore.

Would this piece give your apartment the edge its always needed? Let us know in the comments below.

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