As the weather gets greyer and greyer, the idea of a lush, Caribbean vacation sounds more and more appealing. Fortunately – for those of us that can’t afford a plane ticket – Jamaican artists Amindi K. Fro$t and Tessellated, along with producer Valleyz, have come together for “Pine & Ginger,” a video for their dancehall single so lush that you can enjoy the comforts of an island holiday from your screen. Watch it below.

Helmed by Lil Internet (the director behind visuals from the likes of Beyoncé, Diplo and Skrillex), the video was shot entirely on location in Jamaica, breathing natural life into a song inspired by a traditional Caribbean delicacy. Speaking on the experience, Tessellated told us that “it was a surreal experience to have friends be able to fly out to my home country to film a music video for a song we recorded in a closet,” highlighting just how far the track has come since its conception.

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Senior Features Editor