There are precisely eight seconds of the new video “What” that fool you into thinking you’ve stumbled upon a Mozart-accompanied home movie of a luxury dinner party. Then the bass crashes in, and not much can prepare you for the hell that breaks loose. It's orchestrated by Playboi Carti and UnoTheActivist, who, together with their A$AP Mob godfather A$AP Rocky, make “What” one of the more insane rap videos released in recent memory.

Released as part of A$AP Mob’s ‘Wavy Wednesdays’ series, “What” is standard fare for the hip-hop collective, which means lots of limitless swag rapped over cavernous, icy beats. Lyrically, the song is nothing special; in fact, most of it is the trio repeating the word 'what' an unfathomable amount of times (go ahead and count it, we dare you). But visually, “What” is a true gem among the year's releases from the A$AP Mob.

There’s a plethora of hilarious imagery to unpack here. From the sudden twerking movements of octogenarian women in pearls and ballgowns to tuxedoed businessmen shedding tears of joy holding nuggets of weed, to Playboi Carti pouring bottles of cough syrup into the fancy punch bowl. It represents everything the A$AP Mob stands for: gate-crashing the world’s elite and subverting their luxury with all the trappings of a good turn up. In short, it’s lit.

Stay tuned for more 'Wavy Wednesday' realness.

In other hip-hop news, Kid Cudi has announced a new collaboration with Pharrell.

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