After celebrating Polaroid's 80th anniversary last year with the introduction of the "OneStep 2," Polaroid Originals, which is a brand dedicated to analog instant photography, now introduces the OneStep+ instant camera.

Like the OneStep 2, the new OneStep+ flaunts the same boxy-like profile but this time dipped in a stealthy black finish. The OneStep+ also utilizes the company's recently developed i-Type film, but the highlighting feature is the ability to pair it with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth through the Polaroid Originals smartphone app.

With the aid of Polaroid Original's app, you will be able to take pictures remotely, access a set of different modes like double exposure and a light-painting, in addition to letting you adjust the shutter time, aperture and more features much easier.

In addition, the OneStep+ is equipped with two lenses, suited for portrait and landscape, which you can switch between by adjusting a physical toggle located on the top of the camera. On the back of the device is the viewfinder, an on/off button and a microUSB slot for charging. Furthermore, a new rainbow stripe is prominently displayed on the camera’s faceplate, paying homage to the iconic design of the original OneStep camera from 1977.

Priced at $160 USD, you can learn more about the camera and purchase it now by tapping the button below.

In other new cameras, Leica debuted its stealthy and silent $8,000 M10-P.

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