Post Malone was recently a guest on the YouTube series Good Mythical Morning and absolutely killed a rendition of “Old MacDonald,” delivering a meme-worthy performance in the process.

The show, presented by Rhett and Link, features a segment called “Rap-A-Bye Baby on the Hip Hop,” which gives artists the chance to show off their musical talents by pairing a specific nursery rhyme with a particular style of rap.

Malone was given the task of rapping “Old MacDonald” in the style of Migos and, as shown in the video above, nailed it. If babysitter Post Malone doesn’t become a meme because of that, we’ll be highly disappointed and social media will be a lot worse off.

Earlier in the show, the artist also rapped to “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” which you can check out below.

Maybe Post Malone should consider changing the name of his upcoming album to Beer Bongs and Babies, as he seems to have a knack for nursery rhyme raps.

If you have time, check out the entire 10-minute episode below.

In other news, Monopoly has just released a special edition made specially for cheaters. Check it out here.

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