PUMA channeled the design ethos of its legendary Alexander McQueen collaboration McQ from 2005, resulting in the PUMA Thunder Spectra. First surfacing around February, the Thunder silhouette’s early successes established it as one of 2018’s most popular new sneaker designs from any brand. Following the Spectra colorway, additional makeups arrived, including the Electric and Desert variations, each offering their own color stories referencing natural phenomena.

Spanning the different colorway releases, the sneaker offered an on-trend chunky, retro design, paired with strong color blocking, for a compelling on-foot culmination that found a place in the closet of early adapters. Later, when more colorways followed, the Thunder wasn’t an uncommon silhouette to spot in the streets of shopping districts in major cities.

Now the Thunder Spectra returns for Black Friday (November 23). A definite hit with both tastemakers and everyday sneakerheads, the Thunder Spectra is heavy on the dimensions but light on the wallet — one of the reasons why it’s proved so good and popular a sneaker. Coming in at $120, it’s a far more affordable choice than other names in the game. But it doesn’t sacrifice on looks.

See for yourself in our exclusive lookbook we shot for PUMA, above.

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