If you told bandmates Tyler Acord, Marco Bernardis, and Fabienne Holloway three years ago that they’d one day tour the U.S. together as soulful R&B trio Radiant Children, they’d probably say you were mad.

But that became a reality for the London-based band late last year as they embarked on their first-ever tour in the U.S., which is still going strong with a final stop in Virginia at Pharrell’s “Something in the Water” festival this month. To celebrate this huge achievement and the late nights it took them to get there, we linked with adidas Originals and Radiant Children to highlight the all-new Nite Jogger created specifically for nightly pursuits.

Blending classic R&B and soul with contemporary production, the group’s signature sound caught the attention of showrunners at Issa Rae’s HBO hit Insecure last year, who’s known for surfacing musical gems on its soundtrack, and featured two of the band’s songs in season three. Now, Radiant Children takes over Nite Shift Studios for an intimate performance of their 2018 single “Poke Bowl,” and opens up about why the late night is their time to shine.


“I’ve always struggled with getting to sleep & insomnia, but when I really just let that go & stop trying to fit in with everyone else’s schedules, it was the most liberating thing.”

Fabienne Holloway

“When it’s dark it’s pretty still; there’s no distractions. There’s nothing really taking me out of the process.”

Tyler Acord

“For me working at night or writing music at night is calming & reassuring because time stops, and I just feel way more relaxed and able to create.”

Marco Bernardis
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Words by Daniel So
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