Last month Rae Sremmurd delivered their pitch-perfect sophomore effort SremmLife 2 along with the news that both boys were now intending to pursue solo careers, potentially making this the final Rae Sremmurd record. It seems fitting then that their newest music video is inspired by another band that decided to call it quits at the height of their popularity, a band called The Beatles. The video is fittingly titled “Black Beatles,” and they bring along Gucci Mane for some of the fun.

If the lyrical references to getting shades like John Lennon and being related to Paul McCartney didn’t make it clear, the video is rife with imagery both referencing and spoofing the Fab Four.

Firstly, it is shot in incredibly lo-fi, grainy footage, evoking the kinds of telecasts that brought the Beatles to the heights of fame in the ‘60s. And everyone spends a great deal of time playing guitars on a rooftop, another clear homage to a landmark moment in the OG rock band’s career.

But the ubiquity of Gucci (both the rapper and the clothing) throughout the video assuredly place it among the duo’s most swag-laden visuals. Here's hoping they have one more video left in them before they decide to call it quits for good.

Rae Sremmurd's sophomore album SremmLife 2 is out now. Listen to it below via Spotify:

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