Ray-Ban’s latest release taps into an iconic archive design. With sharp angles from the ‘50s, the retro-inspired piece borrows curved lenses and sleek black-gold hardware from the ‘80s club style.

With their roots harking back to classic military styles from the 1930s, Ray-Ban pretty much invented what we now know as sunglasses. An immediate hit with the masses, the pop culture staple is still popular today.

The great thing about Ray-Ban’s timeless pieces is their association with iconic pop culture figures. Worn by midcentury icons such as Muhammad Ali and Audrey Hepburn, the brand's campaign of effortless chic continued well into the ‘80s, ‘90s, and beyond.

Borrowing from past styles, one of Ray-Ban’s most iconic releases is The Clubmaster Classic. Balancing the fine line between well-read chic and moody panache, the timeless piece borrows traits from previous styles such as the Aviator and Wayfarer.


Although the style began life as a prescription spectacle, popular amongst fifties and sixties jazzmen, the plastic brow and metal bridge original has grown to become a style essential.

Designed with a distinctive rim across the top of the frame and semi-rimless edge, the standout frame has been sported by visionaries whose ideas and progressive ideals have changed the way we look at the world.

From activist Malcolm X to style icon James Dean, these outliers have shifted culture and challenged the status quo - so much so, their impact is still relevant today. During uncertain times, strong creative visionaries have never been more important.

For their 'See Beyond the Sun' campaign, Ray-Ban sets its lenses to the future, tapping into 3 diverse creatives and community leaders who are shaping tomorrow. 


Model, curator Gabrielle Richardson uses her platform as a vehicle for positive change. Founder of Art Hoe Collective – an online platform dedicated to giving a voice to artists of color, alongside The Brown Girl Butterfly Project – a community of black and brown women, and non-binary people. Her art is centered around imagination - Gabrielle is building her future the way she wants to see it – supported by a strong community that allows her to dream.


Based in LES, Aurora Anthony’s work is the embodiment of NYC’s ever-so-eclectic culture. A creative dialogue with the Lower East Side, Anthony’s work takes the form of rap music, graffiti art, fashion, and design. With his brand 100 Wolves receiving a co-sign by Beyoncé, Anthony is 100% devoted to his community. The visionary artist dares to take risks, changing the world by defining his own horizons.

With a loyal following, model and student Tia Jonsson has worked with Rihanna on the debut Savage x Fenty campaign. Her vision is to recognize what you love about yourself and wear it as a badge of pride. Her vitiligo, which causes pigment loss on her forehead and a streak of white hair, has always been a badge of honor 


Since birth, Tia had vitiligo, and it never really bothered her that much, but it’s taken on a new meaning now as she’s started modeling. She’s maintained relatively the same outlook on it—that she didn’t think about it a lot—but she thinks that goes to show that when something is 100% part of you, it’s hard to be swayed by people’s opinions positive or negative.

The go-to choice for tomorrow’s change-makers, The Clubmaster continues to inspire a new set of creatives and fearless change-makers. Through their iconic Ray-Ban lenses, these creatives dare to see beyond the current world, taking the steps to craft a better future.

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