Razer is giving Pokémon enthusiasts the opportunity to show their fan-status — in their ears. The new Pikachu True Wireless Earbuds are done up in a familiar yellow hue and come with a charging case that looks exactly like a Pokéball.

The earbuds themselves are essentially the same as the Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds, with a 13mm driver, IPX4 water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0 radio, as well as the same low latency mode. However, the earbuds last for around 3 hours per charge, which is one hour less than the Hammerhead.

Meanwhile, the Razer’s triple-headed snake logo is switched out for a Pikachu design, and the normal voice prompts are spoken by Pikachu, which presents a pretty obvious challenge.

The standout feature is, of course, the Pokéball charging case. The front light illuminates as if a Pokémon were emerging, to indicate low battery.

Importantly, though the earbuds snap onto their charging ports magnetically, the manufacturer asks that you do not throw the Poké Ball at the earbuds to “capture” them.

They’ll be available in China for around $120 on April 16.

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