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Harvard Medical School-trained addiction psychiatrist Alok Kanojia sat down for a Reddit Ask Me Anything in which he discussed the relationship between gaming addiction and mental health.

Last year, the World Health Organisation classified video game addiction as a mental health disorder, and, according to Kanojia, between 10 million and 30 million people in the United States alone meet the criteria for gaming addiction.

With many redditors eager ask a question, Kanojia works to dispel some of the myths about addiction and mental health, as well as detailing how to spot the first signs of an unhealthy gaming habit. Check out some highlights below.

On the first signs of gaming addiction

On the relationship between gaming and depression/anxiety

On the difference between addiction and enjoyment

On how gaming addiction compares to gambling

On why gaming addiction differs from TV addiction

On how to avoid excessive gaming

On how parents can curb addictive gaming habits early

On why gaming companies use behavioral economists

On how to break the stigma around mental health

On how to be a healthy gamer

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