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A Dutch company has won its case against Reebok following a trademark dispute over the use of Conor McGregor’s name. Forbes reports that the District Court in The Hague has ordered the sportswear brand to stop selling some of its Conor McGregor-branded items in Europe or face fines potentially totalling €250,000 (approximately $283,000).

Amsterdam-based fashion brand McGregor claimed that Reebok’s affiliate clothing with the MMA fighter would cause confusion with its own operations among consumers. The Dutch company owns the trademark “McGregor” in conjunction with clothing and accessories in the European Union and told the court it is preparing for a relaunch following a hiatus prompted by bankruptcy in 2016.

adidas-owned Reebok signed a deal with McGregor in 2015, leading to a line of sports apparel bearing the UFC athlete’s name. Remco van Leeuwen, lawyer for the McGregor fashion label, argued that Reebok’s use of the sportsman’s full name on products wasn’t enough to distinguish between the two brands, noting that the Reebok line “has McGregor in huge letters while ‘Conor’ is so miniscule you hardly see it.'”

In addition to the ruling, the District Court ordered Reebok to pay €15,711 (approximately $17,783) toward the Dutch McGregor’s legal fees. According to Forbes, Reebok has seven days to pull the merchandise from the European market or be fined €1,000 ($1,132) a day up to a maximum of €250,000.

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