retro gaming controller wireless diy SNES

8Bitdo have a collection of DIY kits that will make several of your favorite retro gaming controllers wireless. While gamers are already able to purchase fully-formed wireless controlers for their retro consolers, these DIY kits are cheap at only $20, interactive, and give gamers the opportunity to go wireless with their original hardware.

Gamers will need a Bluetooth adapter if they want to use their wireless controller with their original consoles. The DIY kit runs on a rechargeable battery that is charged using a proprietary cable that comes with the kit.

8Bitdo has even made YouTube videos to help gamers set up their new (old) wireless controller, one of which you can view at the bottom of the page.

At time of writing, 8Bitdo offers mod kits for the SNES Classic Edition, original SNES, original NES, original MD, and NES Classic Edition controllers.

Check out the offerings via the link below and then leave your thoughts on modding retro gaming consoles in the comments.

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