Sony is pulling out all the stops to sensationalize the release of its latest console, the Playstation 5, go so far as to tap the beloved cartoon characters Rick and Morty to endorse it.

In the surprising commercial, the unlikely influencers admit that they're purely in it for the money. As soon as the clip begins, Rick tells Morty to talk about the “thing” since “they paid us a lot." While Morty sells the consoles' features to viewers, Rick counts cash in the background.

Morty does his job promoting the PS5, touching on its speed and improved haptic feedback. In his usual monotonic voice, he runs down the PS5's superior features, before conceding, “this commercial is getting really boring.” He gives up and just says, “the PlayStation 5 is pretty cool.” The 30-second clip ends with Rick insisting you “fucking buy it.”

Rick and Morty join the ranks of Travis Scott and Michael B. Jordan to promote the next-gen PlayStation 5. You can watch the latest commercial below.

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