In this week's Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen dialed the cringe up to 11 by scanning controversial former GOP Senate candidate for Alabama Roy Moore with a "pedophile detector."

During a talk about Israeli technological advances, Cohen's character, Israeli soldier Erran Morad, mentions a device that can detect pedophiles. Moore, who has been accused of numerous counts of sexual misconduct, including an accusation of sexual advances made toward a girl of 14 when he was 32, shows interest in what Morad is telling him about Israeli technology until the "pedophile detector" is turned on him and starts to beep.

“It must be faulty. It's malfunctioning,” Morad says, swiping the silent device against another man and himself before turning it back to Moore, causing it to sound again. “Sorry, is this your jacket? Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?” Morad asks, with Moore looking somewhere between amused and enraged.

Clearly perturbed by the interview's swift change in direction, Moore counters, “I’ve been married for 33 [years] and never had an accusation of such a thing. If this is an instrument, certainly I'm not a pedophile. Maybe Israeli technology hasn’t developed properly.” He then walks out of the interview. Watch the painful scene unfold above.

Who is America? airs Sundays on Showtime.

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