Sometimes you just want to cry and listen to rap music, and Yung Lean is always the man for the job. The Swedish rapper has built a fascinating career thanks in part to letting the full scope of his feelings do their thing in his music. As the head honcho of the Sad Boys Entertainment crew, Lean is no Stranger (see what we did there?) to your favorite sadness synonym - sorrow, melancholy, depression, the list is as long as a night

In honor of Yung Lean’s new album Stranger, we take a look at the saddest lyrics he’s ever written. Grab a box of tissues, a bottle of Arizona Ice Tea, perhaps even an Oreo milkshake if you’re feeling fancy, and dig into our list below.

1. “Die With Me”

“I want to die with you, maybe once I want to die with you, maybe once I'm worthless, I'm nothing I'm the best out, I don't give a fuck about nothing When I look in the mirror, all I see is nothing I wouldn't even be pissed if you left me (left me)”

There’s a healthy dose of much-appreciated nihilism in most Yung Lean songs, which is of course, nothing to cry about. But in “Die With Me,” Leandoer finds himself at a sad boy apex that’s intense, divisive, and pretty depressing - he’s in love yet doesn’t care if his girl leaves him, he’s the best yet hates himself, he’s sure of who he is as Yung Lean and everything he represents yet sees nothing when he looks in the mirror.

2. “King of the Darkness”

“Tell your friends that I'm dead, homie No soul, no life, just blood on me”

With a title like “King of the Darkness,” we couldn’t possibly leave out this cut from the Swedish rapper’s 2016 album Warlord. Lean casually announces that he’s empty, dead, and covered in blood. His nonchalance about the whole thing, while pretty badass, also makes us undeniably emotional.

3. "God Only Knows"

“Mixing medication up, no tofu I'm soul-less, my soul loose”

No tofu!? Never mind his loose, possibly non-existent soul, the fact that this man might not be getting enough protein is just plain sad. :(

4. “Fantasy” ft. Lil Flash

“Life is like a drive thru I guess I could die soon”

...Because sometimes getting a burger at 5am prompts incredibly gloomy thoughts about how we’re all, maybe, possibly, most likely going to die at some point.

5. “Gatorade”

“Cut their wrists and lay 'em down gently Leopard colored backseat in my Bentley Relently I pop two pills too many I don't give a fuck I brought plenty”

This classic Yung Lean cut has got it all - slit wrists, fancy cars, numbness to any and all positive human emotions, and entirely too many unidentified pills.

6. “Lightsaber // Saviour”

“Sad boys they be shining shining Focus on whining whining When the neon lightning strikes and then I'm on the floor crying, crying”

There’s something about the rhyming of shining to whining that really just makes us want to curl up in the fetal position and empty all our bodily fluids via our tears…

7. “Lemonade”

“Blood tears on my face all I've got is excalibur Shawty ain't gonna slide through, how the fuck I'm gonna die for her”

I mean, the phrase “blood tears on my face” alone suggests some incredibly sad shit is going down, but then Yung Lean gets ghosted…. Harsh. How the fuck IS he gonna die for her!??!?!??! :(

8. “Yoshi City”

“Smoking loud, I'm a lonely cloud I'm a lonely cloud, with my windows down I'm a lonely, lonely; I'm a lonely, lonely”

Leandoer was definitely trying to tell the world something about his feelings of isolation back in 2014 - he says “lonely” no less than 37 times over the course of the four melancholic minutes of “Yoshi City.” Which came first for Yung Lean - his smoking of the loud or his status as a lonely cloud? Really makes you think...

9. “Monster”

“Smoking this dope, I think I'm going insane Moving through the city, with my keys in the snow Time running through my hands, I have to let it go, have to let it go In the shadows of the city of my mind nothing matters anymore it's just a matter of time”

Once again, Yung Lean is enjoying a jazz cabbage cigarette, but it’s not chilling him out this time like it normally would. There’s something oddly tear-jerking about the vision of his keys in the snow, and we can all relate to how time often seems to pass way too quickly. The reality of the time-space continuum is just plain sad, man.

10. Jonatan Leandoer127 - “Hotel in Minsk”

“You're stuck in my brain forever I try figuring out what he did better I wanna forget you I'd kill for your love, I'd die for your love, I'd die”

Jonatan at his saddest is also Jonatan at his most romantic. While not technically a Yung Lean song, we couldn’t resist including this one, because let’s face it, unrequited love is the one of the most beautiful and depressing things one can experience.

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