Earlier in the year, news broke that Selena Gomez had captured what became the most-liked photo in the history of Instagram, ever. Period. And while that is an impressive accomplishment, it is nothing compared to her latest achievement as revealed in Instagram's year-end data. It turns out that Gomez now has all five of the top five most-liked posts on the app. Browse her top five in ranked order below while giving a slow clap.

So what if her most-liked photo is a Coca-Cola ad? That does little to dull the fact that since we first reported it, the photo has garnered more than a million new likes, bringing its grand total to nearly 6 million. If this seems surprising, it kind of is. After Gomez, celebrities with the most followers are Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and the Jenner girls. So whatever homegirl is doing, she's doing it well.

Watch Selena Gomez's video for "The Heart Wants What It Wants" below:

In other news, Bella Hadid has hilariously recreated an Eric Prydz music video for LOVE Magazine. Watch it right here.

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