For the past two years, Shaun Ross has been shifting the focus from his career as an albino model to his work as a music artist. Today, we're premiering his second single "Chrysalis," a Sade-influenced song about the beauty of transforming into the truest version of yourself. In an email to Highsnobiety, the 27-year-old explained the origins of the track and how it represents his own personal process.

"Transformation and triumph always seem to be the biggest points of my life. The darkness of my inner obstacles is where I submerge my beliefs in hopes to find light. I want to shed my tears as I shed my skin to grow into something much more beautiful than my eyes could ever imagine. I want to be alive," he said. "I want this song to move through you and you tell me what sheds. I hope you have a break through, as I know I have had one. There is so much more music being created and I can’t wait to share it with the world."

Ross recruited a team of creatives to bring his vision to life including Om’Mas Keith, Rush Davis, Brook D’Leau, Gavin Lurssen, and Reuben Cohen. Stream the song in full below.

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