It’s really not unusual for musicians to work on new material on the go, but what Skepta recently accomplished while cruising around in a $670,000 USD Rolls-Royce Phantom is truly next-level.

While in the back of the luxury vehicle, the famed grime artist let inspiration take over to record an entirely new track, all while in the ride. Appropriately dubbed “RR,” the song was created as Skepta was being chauffeured throughout the mountains of Switzerland.

“I stepped in the car and there was no need to think,” said Skepta. “It was like sitting in first class on a plane minus the noise. Comfortable and silent, a perfect space to make music.”

For reference, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom comes equipped with more than 130kg of sound insulation and two-layer 6mm glazing position.

Nonetheless, press play above to watch Skepta record a new track in the back of a Phantom.

For more, revisit the grime artist’s ‘Vicious’ EP below.

Not NYC, not LA.

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