At the end of every year we take the time to look back on how the past 12 months have affected the street fashion scene we know and love. Shortlisted by us, but chosen by our readers, the Highsnobiety Crowns are our way of celebrating the leading forces in our field, and the changing face of our industry. And like last year, the winners will receive special aluminum key trophies designed by Snarkitecture and Highsnobiety.

Each prize was manufactured specially for Highsnobiety by Neal Feay. First, the designs were drawn out by hand, then the sketches were replicated with 3D-modeling software. From there, preparation for the fabrication process begins with several tests, using laser cutting and anodizing to decide the correct colors for each key.

The final version of the awards are milled out of 3/16″-thick aluminium by a waterjet CNC machine. Each key is then anodized and blasted with beads to smooth any tooling marks, before a finishing process that involves sanding flat areas with with 1800-grit sandpaper and specialized abrasive cleaning pads, creating a nice contrast in the matte finish.

The final result is what you see above, each of which will be delivered to this year's winners in the coming weeks. See the full list of 2017's winners here and find individual category winners below.

The Best Sneaker of 2017

The Most Influential Person 0f 2017

The Most Relevant Brand of 2017

The Best Breakthrough Brand of 2017

The Best Fashion Collaboration of 2017

The Best Store of 2017

The Best Under the Radar Brand of 2017

The Highsnobiety Crowns are an annual awards series celebrating the very best in streetwear and street culture over the past 12 months. All shortlists are chosen by the in-house editorial staff at Highsnobiety, with the final result left up to our readers. An Editors' Choice is awarded for each category, determined independently by Highsnobiety's editorial staff.

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