Brand: Snow Peak

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Snow Peak, SSENSE, Browns, MATCHESFASHION.COM from September 2021

Editor's Notes: Outdoorsy apparel has been rendered luxe, casual and everything in between and Snow Peak is tired of it. The Japanese company's FW21 editorial is taking a back to basics approach, stripping away all pretense of industry poise by showcasing the new goods on real people.

Though it's probably best known internationally for its nifty camping gear and cups, Snow Peak has tripled down on its apparel offering since Lisa Yamai, granddaughter of founder Yukio Yamai, formally launched the company's clothing line in 2014.

Even seven years later, Snow Peak still specializes in humbly cool wearables that mirror the appealing simplicity of its campsite essentials, occasionally dressing up its signature pieces for seasonal collaborations.

For this Fall/Winter 2021 campaign — much heavier on the Winter than the Fall — the Tomii family wears Snow Peak's new lineup amidst the blustery backdrop of Nagaoka, a city not too far from Snow Peak's HQ in Sanjo (both are in Niigata Prefecture).

Patriarch Takashi Tomii is recognized both domestically and internationally for his handmade wooden utensils, unassuming daily essentials that reflect the appeal inherent to Snow Peak's own goods. Some of his signature pieces appear in the seasonal editorial, including hand-carved plates, bowls, and coasters, and some snaps even see Takashi at work in his gorgeously organic workshop.

Given the often extreme climes of Niigata winters, it's no surprise that the Tomii clan looks right at home in their fleece jackets, turtlenecks, and insulated pants. All their group shot needs is a big splash of text saying "Wish You Were Here!" or "Happy Holidays From the Tomii Family!"

The perfect fit of this imagery goes beyond that, though, as their aspirational, homespun living space and the unspoiled nature that surrounds it are straight out of a Miyazaki movie. The vibe here is clear — Snow Peak and Takashi make some lovely clobber, but there's nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature.

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