Last month, Spencer. gave us a delightful taste of what he's bringing to the table in the form of his Want U Back EP. There's something inherently charming about the 19-year-old R&B artist, even when he makes you lovesick because he's singing about missing an ex. Today, we're premiering his debut music video for the title track. The moody visual was shot in Spencer.'s hometown of Rochester, New York and directed by his friend Atticus Torre. In an email to Highsnobiety, he told us more about how the story line connects to the song.

“I like music videos to have a concept or storyline, so when I get to make my own it feels like I’m creating my own world," he said. "For the narrative of this video, I wanted to experiment with both dreams and reality, rather than just one of them. Thank you 'Highsnobiety,' and shout out to Nina Scherie, Mark Forero, Luke Diamond, and Kyle Lajoie for being in the video! Hope you enjoy 'Want U Back.'"

Watch the entire story unfold below.

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