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The potential of wearable health and fitness trackers is enticing. The Apple Watch and other similar devices have allowed us to track and monitor our wellbeing in greater detail and over a longer period of time than ever before, but they’re not without their problems. You still have to remember to charge them and put them on, some of them are chunky and uncomfortable to wear, and the sheer amount of data available is often overwhelming.

Spire is aiming to change all that with a product it hopes will revolutionize the wearables market. It’s called the Spire Health Tag, and you never need to remember to put it on or charge it. It’s soft, discreet and attaches to your clothing via adhesive. Notifications pop-up via an app on your phone only as needed.

Available in packs of 3, 8 or 15, the health tags adhere to the clothes you wear most often — underwear, pajamas, exercise gear, bras, whatever you like — and they don’t need to be reattached on a daily basis. Each tag comes with a “nearly 2-year” battery life so there’s no need to charge them, and the waterproof design means they can go through the washer and dryer.

In addition to measuring health metrics like activity, sleep, heart rate and heart rate variability, Spire Health Tags even uses proprietary respiratory sensors to measure your breathing, and thus have the unique ability to understand and manage stress levels.

The accompanying app only gives you notifications when action is needed to help you toward your health and wellness goals. You can select those goals in the app as one or more “programs.” These include “Stay Active,” “Reduce Stress,” “Sleep Better,” “Get Fit,” “Stay Calm,” and “Heart Health.”

Prices range from $99 for a three-pack to $299 for a 15-pack. Cop yours by hitting the button below.

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Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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