The third installment of Stranger Things landed on Netflix last week, and while the critics have applauded the show's fun, nostalgic value, many viewers are bothered about the sheer amount of products featured.

Considering Stranger Things 3 is mostly set in Hawkins, Indiana's new Starcourt Mall, that a lot of brands are seen on screen isn't a huge surprise. Thanks to Product Placement Blog, who has painstakingly counted every single example of products featured in the new season, we now have a tangible grasp on how many times certain brands are referenced. And there's a lot.

Coca-Cola, which brought back failed ’80s beverage New Coke for season three, gets at least 21 references over eight episodes, with cans, vending machines, posters, and branding appearing in various locations. Burger King, meanwhile, is shown five times. Kellogg's products appear frequently, too.

Sneakers from major brands including Converse, Vans, adidas, Nike, and Reebok are worn a lot, with the latter label appearing on either Dustin or Eleven's feet in every single episode.

Retailers appear a bunch too: JCPenny's store front is seen multiple times in episodes one, two, three, and eight, and The Gap features in three separate episodes.

For the full list of Stranger Things 3 products, head over to Product Placement Blog.\

Edit: Netflix spokesperson confirms that, "None of the brands and products that appear in 'Stranger Things 3' were paid for or placed by third parties. They’re all part of the Duffer Brothers’ storytelling, which references 1980s consumer and popular culture."

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