R&B artist Summer Walker is being criticized after she posted a fake video aimed at the coronavirus outbreak, which many fans are calling insensitive and xenophobic. In the backlash, Walker has deleted everything on her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, March 3, Walker shared a video to her Instagram, allegedly showing Chinese people deliberately spreading the virus. The video contained the headline, "People in China Seen Spreading The Coronavirus to The Public" — but the footage is actually two years old and had nothing to do with the virus.

The video was quickly debunked as fake by fans, but Walker doubled down in the comments, captioning it, “That's some trifling nasty ass shit.”

She eventually took to her Instagram Story to respond to the backlash, but only enraging people further. “Lol people so dumb, talking about I'm racist and that video was from a long time ago. It don't matter if it was from 20 years ago, bottom line that shit nasty & IDGAF if a black white yellow or green person did that shit, it's still nasty,” she wrote. “Lmao I literally don't give a fuck anymore this is [an] app. It's not that serious. For my label Ima just delete all this shit.”

However, fans are not letting Walker off the hook following her non-apology. Check out what people had to say in response to her problematic video below.

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