By now 24-year-old music sensation Tayla Parx should need no introduction. The three-time Grammy nominee is accomplished at everything she does and has transitioned from writing and producing music for acclaimed artists like Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, to launching her own successful recording career.

After partnering with ASICS to get a deeper look into her daily life, we get up close and personal with the Texas native as she reveals exactly what gets her up everyday to keep her motivated.

For Tayla, it may sound obvious but she says the key to keeping your creativity healthy is doing the same with yourself first. "Keeping my mind and my body healthy is the thing that allows me to continue to create,” says Tayla.

Not exactly a secret in and of itself, but it proves that sometimes, even if it’s the simplest thing, it helps to explicitly state your goal. She also recommends making sure you have time for yourself to unwind and not be a workaholic 24/7. “I think it’s super important to have a balance at all times of work and play, especially doing what we do.”

Watch the video above to get a deeper look inside her day-to-day life as Tayla gets moving in fresh ASICS gear and find out her other bits of advice on how to stay creatively charged.

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