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Tea Maker Nº1 is a minimalist tea brewer built to give you maximum control of your tea’s flavor. Inspired by the gaiwan, a traditional Chinese loose leaf tea brewing vessel that is designed to steep in small doses, each successive infusion in turn highlights different characteristics of the tea.

Constructed from double-walled glass, the tea maker is then able to stabilize steep temperature, all while keeping the exterior cool to the touch. No strainer is needed for pouring, as one finger simply pulls back the lid, and with a flick of the wrist, the tea is poured out of the small opening into the ceramic tea bowl.

All in all, Tea Maker Nº1 is designed celebrate beautiful teas, all while creating a slowed-down experience that can be appreciated throughout your day.

After checking out the informative video underneath, follow on over to the project Kickstarter for more on the minimalist tea brewer.

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