This might feel like just another Friday to you, but for everyone who got their hands on a coveted UGG x Telfar bag it's a day worth celebrating – and bragging about on social media.

UGG x Telfar fans who participated in the 2020 pre-sale event have begun to receive the coveted handbags from the highly anticipated upcoming collaboration. For the collab the iconic Telfar shopping bag – in small ($192) and medium ($290) sizes – was rendered in a chestnut suede and creamy shearling trim in a style evocative of UGG's popular sheepskin boot.

It's a mouth-watering (and clever) cross-over of Y2K classic and 2020s hype. And those lucky enough to get the fluffly Telfar shopper in the mail have taken it upon themselves to let it be known that they secured the bag. Within a matter of days, the coveted bags have already inspired countless YouTube unboxing videos, Twitter explosions, and Instagram flex-fests.

But for Telfar Clemens, whose bags always sell out within a matter of minutes, this is just another day. People losing their minds over the UGG collab just goes to show that Telfar has mastered the art of the "cultural impact." Very few brands have attained the level of clout that Telfar enjoys, where it's no longer just about the product but about community – think Supreme and Jordan. But unlike many of these other brands, Telfar's influence isn't built on being scarce or exclusive, instead it's about inviting people in through an egalitarian business model and a fitting tagline to go along with it: “It’s not for you – it’s for everyone.”

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