Disney's hotly anticipated original series Star Wars: The Mandalorian premiered this week and three days later we were treated to episode two. Last night's installment didn't just deliver on action and plot, it also brought us the internet's new darling– hereby referred to as "Baby Yoda."

In Chapter 2: The Child the eponymous Mandalorian accepts an assignment to locate and return an adorable, suspiciously Yoda-looking infant to "the Client" played by none other than Werner Herzog.

Even Herzog himself was struck by the cuteness of the alien infant. The German filmmaker called it "heartbreakingly beautiful," telling Variety, "On the set, it looked absolutely convincing. It made you cry when you saw it.”

It seems like the Internet is in agreement. As in, the entire internet.

Browse through the reactions below to see how Twitter is reacting to Baby Yoda.

Human babies? ?

Everyone is in their feelings

We have no choice but to stan

This is the best Disney+ marketing

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