Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes (TTT) is an eclectic imprint, focused on issuing need-to-know electronic music, cutting-edge mixes, and even some spicy apparel, often doing one or two of those things in line with sister company Palace.

Spring/Summer 2021 sees TTT dishing out another round of too-cool-for-school graphic goods ranging from printed T-shirts to patterned easy pants to the requisite tote bags, all blessed by advanced graphics that mirror many of the creative covers that grace TTT's releases.

Like Palace, The Trilogy Tapes isn't above drawing from popular culture but it prefers more opaque nods, cleaning up and stripping down imagery that blends the circular TTT logo with illustrations seemingly borrowed from biology or history textbooks (perhaps that makes it too school for cool?). Throughout, there are menacing ants, a spooky glaistig, and cute bats intermingled with oversized patterns derived from TTT's aforementioned branding, rendered huge and abstract atop color-blocked shirts.

Extending its product line beyond the usual tees and pullovers, TTT's new lineup also includes fun bits like branded tote bags, socks, and a cyclist-friendly cap, plenty breathable for summer thanks to mesh paneling. There's also a pair of all-over "Beach Pants" that sport an elasticated waist and easy leg, ideal for lazy days in the sun or biking down to a local gig - assuming live music properly restarts sometime soon.

The first drop of SS21 is live on The Trilogy Tapes' website and it's also available at a series of suitably stylish stockists - PalaceTrès BienDover Street MarketSlam Jam, and Notre, to name a few.


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