Thom Browne's vision of American splendor isn't so far removed from that of ages past. Sure, his principals are suited in shrunken jackets and pleated skirts, but there remains an emphasis on good ol' down-home values. Sometimes, that home just happens to be the historic Teviotdale abode.

Artist Anh Doung and actor David Harbour (Stranger Things, Black Widow) play the roles of Ma 'n Pa in Browne's take on the American Gothic, faithfully all-American down to the pitchfork. Interestingly, Harbour and Doung were chosen to star in Browne's Fall 2021 campaign less for their personal fashion sense — Harbour, to be fair, has covered a few glossies in his time — and more for their personalities.

"David and Anh are both true individuals," Browne said. "Talented, confident, kind, interesting, sincere." Again, think of that personality-driven vision channeled for Browne's partnerships and campaigns. Remember, he had Lil Uzi Vert star in some Thanksgiving imagery not so long ago.

For any company as big — and as desirable — as Browne's, it's crucial to tell a story that links the customer with the products they admire. The value of good storytelling can't be oversold.

Thus, Browne's runway shows and even his Samsung partnerships have had some backstory behind their imagery.

Fall 2021's simple showcase of a supposed couple spending their time together and independently is a suitably thoughtful presentation for Browne's condensed tailoring, reflecting the fluidity of an agreeable relationship with the crossover clothing that defines Browne's more progressive output: they both wear blazers, they both wear skirts, they both respect each other enough to know when to be together and when to be apart. A very human kind of luxury.

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