trevor jackson beamrider
Trevor Jackson / Philippe Lévy

If you’re experiencing a mid-week slump and would much prefer to be in outer space, at least mentally, we can help. We’ve got the exclusive on a new track by legendary DJ, producer and designer Trevor Jackson. With his take on classic Detroit electro, “Beamrider” will at the very least launch you into the stratosphere. Listen to the track below.

“Beamrider” is from Trevor Jackson’s upcoming album System, the final record on his previously unreleased archive label Pre-. The project’s 8 tracks were originally recorded between 2002 and 2010, consisting of music taken from the same sessions that became his music and installation project Format, in 2015. they’ve been edited and compiled from Jackson’s nocturnal improvisations on synthesizers, drum machines, and 8-bit samplers, touching on genres like house, techno, IDM, and of course, electro.

Pre-order System here, including a very limited edition cassette release.

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