Who: Tyler, the Creator

What He's Wearing: A color-block zip-through knit cardigan from Noon Goons styled with brown pants, a gold chain, white socks, and yellow penny loafers. 

Why It Works: Tyler, the Creator's personal style has evolved parallel to his music and celebrity persona. The trajectory from OFWGKTA edgelord in Supreme bogo hoodies to Grammy award-winning artist fronting campaigns for Gucci tailoring has engendered his wardrobe with a preppier flavor while maintaining the bombast of his signature color scheme.

Snapped outside upscale food store Bristol Farm in Los Angeles, the clashing medley of tones from Tyler's patchwork cardigan are offset by a cream spread collar and a pair of cuffed, single pleated brown pants. This all combines for a look that immediately puts a "must try harder" stamp on anything we've ever thrown on for a quick supermarket run.

It’s an impressive assembly of retro and formal, but it’s the canary yellow penny loafers that really make this "I've got to nip to the store" fit a genuine head-turner. Formal shoes in a lick of acidic yellow are not easy to pull off, but this pic is proof that achieving an enviable end result is all about how you put the look together.

It's worth noting that Tyler has never used a stylist. “I don’t even know what the fuck a stylist is," he once said to Vogue, which highlights how investing in — and taking risks with — a genuine personal affection for clothing will outmatch overly-contrived fashion looks any day.

It might be a coincidence but Pantone did just announce "Illuminating" yellow as the Color of the Year for 2021 too, so if this is Tyler being ahead of the game, then really, it's just business as usual.

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