Uniqlo Ginza Store in Tokyo by Wonderwall

Known for their incredible interiors for A Bathing Ape and colette amongst many others, Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall was also once again in charge for the new Uniqlo megastore in Ginza, Tokyo.

Towering high over a busy shopping street, the shop boasts a full-height glass façade that first tricks the eye. Windows facing the road are made in two-storey-high sections, creating the illusion that the structure might be only six large levels as opposed to what it really is: 12 stories of normal sizes.

The double-height windows begin in the atrium and continue in this fashion to the roof. In the lobby, shoppers are confronted by a spinning mannequin display, topped with a glass ceiling that allows those on the first floor to see up into the second storey.

The mix of modern steel and glass sections and wooden breaks in between is both original and unique. It looks like this is yet another Wonderwall designed store that is worth visiting.

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