Vince Staples has just dropped a new track titled "Yo Love" featuring 6LACK and R&B vocalist Mereba. The track is set to appear on the Blood Orange-produced Queen & Slim soundtrack, which will assumedly drop in tandem with the film's release at the end of the month.

The track is a smooth almost sensual offering, with Staples and 6LACK dropping bars over a guitar sequence and melodic beat. The lyrics, meanwhile, relate to emotional rollercoaster that can be entering a new relationships, reflecting the film's intense and romantic narrative.

“I been beaten black and blue / Story of my life, tell me something’ about you,” Staples rhymes. “Where you from? Did you stay or did you run? / You ever thought about a daughter or a son?”

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple's Music Beats 1, Staples explained how the Queen & Slim track came about. "They was like 'Hey we're like we doing this movie, you got a song for it?' I was like 'Aww yeah man let’s watch it' and we watched it and ... I was like man this is crazy this is inspiring I should call 6LACK, and that’s what happened that’s how we got this song."

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