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German luggage brand VOCIER has launched its latest product line, known as Avant. French for “before” and a reference to the term “avant-garde,” the line posits itself as the world’s first configurable, modular luggage system and features Interlink technology which allows users to connect various products together through mechanical and magnetic means.

The centerpiece of the collection is a four-wheel carry-on suitcase, which acts as the motherboard for other pieces in the line such as the briefcase, work-all and work bag. Updated dopp kits, travel wallets, a passport cover, and travel journal round out the new line.

Materials used on the carry-on include a magnesium handlebar and a thermoplastic hybrid shell construction, offering the protection of a hardshell with the lightweight flexibility of a softshell.

As testament to its innovative design, the Avant Carry-On and briefcase won the 2019 iF Design Award for best product.

Look for the full system now over at VOCIER’s website.

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