Vollebak, the brand that brought you the extreme relaxation hoodie, is back with another sportswear invention.

Called "The Hundred Year Hoodie," it's designed to not only be durable enough to last all your adventures, but also be passed down to the next generation — basically, its created outlive you.

Made of Kevlar — the ultra-durable material used for building spacesuits, bulletproof vests and aircraft carriers — the hoodie is pretty much indestructible. To show just that, Vollebak made a video where they ran over the hoodie, dragged it from a boat and even tried to set it alight — all of which it survived.

Despite its incredible strength, the brand says the hoodie "is as soft as your favorite cotton sweater," so you shouldn't feel like you're carting around armor all day.  It comes in two colors, a dark grey and a "Raw Lemon" yellow, both are designed to fade and get better as the item ages.

In other fashion news, Twitter is roasting Kendall and Kylie Jenner for those “vintage” Tupac and Biggie Tees.

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