Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket

After recently releasing the "world's strongest" puffer jacket, Dutch brand Vollebak debuts its latest innovative design, the Deep Sleep Cocoon. The Deep Sleep Cocoon is a jacket designed to help you sleep virtually anywhere, from lengthy flights, to trips to space, even, as the garment serves as a self-contained microhabitat that is a cross between a cocoon and a spacesuit.

“We wanted zipping the Deep Sleep Cocoon up on a plane flight to be like hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign. Bright lights disappear. Everything gets quieter. And people leave you alone,” says Vollebak co-founder, Steve Tidball. “But the original idea came from astronauts. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climbed back onto the Eagle to return to Earth after the moon landing, sleep was out of the question. The noise of pumps filled their tiny cabin, bright warning lights couldn’t be dimmed, and even the window shades were glowing as intense sunlight shot through them. The sleeping conditions we take for granted on Earth, like quiet and darkness, are far from guaranteed in space.”

Starting up top, the hood of the Deep Sleep Cocoon acts like a visor on a space helmet, built from five different segments that can fold down and over your face when you're aiming to rest. While the hood remains soft, it is designed to hold shape around your head. When completely closed, you can see out of the hood thanks to a blacked-out visor made from breathable and stretchy mesh fabric.

Made from an advanced three-layer fabric with a waterproof and windproof membrane, the Deep Sleep Cocoon also incorporates five pockets, a two-way front zipper, metal adjusters on the inside hem that allow you to tighten the jacket at the waist, and cuffs with metal snap fasteners.

The jacket, which retails for $995, launches December 3 through Vollebak.com.

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