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Getty Images / AFP / Stan Honda

For the latest episode of Bong Appetit from VICE and their MUNCHIES food channel, Abdullah takes a trip to Washington’s Vashon Island in hopes of trying some locally-sourced cannabis cupcakes. Thanks to his tour guide Jody Hall, owner of famed Seattle bakery Cupcake Royale and a line of edibles, The Goodship Company, Abdullah had the opportunity to befriend farmers and livestock alike on this new installment.

First up, the two set out for Cornerstone Farm & Dairy in order to snag some fresh cream from a local farmer, before then visiting Vashon Velvet to pick up some dank cannabis for their cupcakes. From there, Abdullah and Jody ventured back to the kitchen to whip up some tasty budcakes.

Press play below to see the journey as well as the final product.

Also, see underneath to get a look at the best joint roller in the world.

Not NYC, not LA.