Spoiler alert!

The Westworld season 2 finale has finally arrived, and with it brought more questions and many confusing answers. Most viewers aware they bore witness to an astonishing amount of butchery to both hosts and humans, but beyond that, everything is up in the air. How many humans are actually hosts? Does death even exist at this point? What timeline are we in again? Is this low-key a Hangover sequel starring Bernard? And why are the security/military units completely and utterly useless?

This season has been a beautiful mind numbing rollercoaster knocking us over the head with plot twists right when we started having the slightest clue of what's going. Well, if you got through the hour and a half jumbled conclusion and still feel like Bernard when he woke up on the beach in the season premiere, you're not alone.

Thanks to Twitter, fans have rejoiced to collectively feel lost, confused, and question life. Maybe we're all hosts. Another plot twist! See how fans are reacting to the finale below.

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